We made this interview as a part of our World Championships preview, but finally the Belgian federation decided not to take Sean to Toscana. But we’ve adapted the text so you can know better the current European champion.

Some Spanish fans may don’t know who you are. How would you describe yourself?
I am a belgian cyclist, 21, I am from a family who are allready involved in cycling for a long time. My father, Eddy was Professional for 2 years, and my uncles Danny and Rudy where cyclo-cross riders. Danny was world Champion Cyclocross in ’89, so my first years I tried CX and road, where I later chosed to go for a career on the road.

Will you be the leader of the Belgium team?
I think with the condition I have now its not a good idea to go as a leader. As I saw the last races, the other guys from the team for the worlds are in a really good condition. So I think for me it will be a role as helper. But with the experience I have from other world championships I can give the guys in the team some advice in the race and keep the calm, because a World Championship is always really nervous, whole day long.

What will be Belgium objectives in the U23 Championship?
It’s not especially a parcours for Belgians, so we don’t have to make the race. I think that we can be really happy is we have someone in the top 5, a podium would be hard to achieve, but it’s possible.

This year you won the European Championships. So far, what has been your most special victory?
Of course, the European Championships are my most beautiful victory. As from the moment that I knew that the course was perfect for me, I started to focus on that race, and until that race everything was going perfect, no health problems. I felt a lot of power in the legs and condition was growing every week.

Next season you have signed with Lotto Belisol. What will be your objectives?
I don’t know what to expect yet. I did already some 1.1 races in Belgium, so I know a bit what to expect. I hope to have some good feelings and results in some of the classic races, because that will be the races which fit the best to my character. Further I hope to be a rider at which the team can count.

What would you like to win in the future?
I hope to win a big classic race, but that is still a long way to go.

Who is your favourite cyclist?

And, finally, as a curiosity: what do you know about Spanish cycling?
I know not so much about cycling in Spain. I think also because we are completely different type of riders. A lot of Spanish don’t like the classic cold and cobbles and prefer the mountains, so we never see them in Belgium. Also, I have never been to Spain for a race. Of course Jesús Ezquerra is my teammate with Leopard Trek, so I know him pretty good.

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